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FIFA 14 - How To Take Free Kicks [ByTwenty]

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FIFA 14 - How To Take Free Kicks [ByTwenty]

Post by Twenty on Thu Mar 06 2014, 20:49

FabrYs wrote:Could use some freekick guide, not a youtube one, especially have troubles aiming and would love a screenshotted guide... Smile

Well here you go @Fabrys I bring to you a Freekick guide for FIFA 14. I hope you appreciate it bud Smile

How to take free kicks on FIFA 14


  • Free kick takers
  • Zones
  • Alignment and power
  • Different types of free kick

Best Free Kick takers

Name: Salihovic
Position: CM
Price: 650 coins (Update)
Free kicks: 90

Name: Ronny
Position: CAM
Price: 350 coins (Update)
Free kicks: 86

Name: Alberto Costa
Position: CM
Price: 700 (Update)
Free kicks: 87

Name: Arango
Position: LM
price: 650 (Update)
Free kicks: 92

Name: Marcos Assuncao
Position: CM
Price: 5500 (Update)
Free Kicks: 88

Please remember that this is not all of them and some of these players have inform cards which will make them better. The stats to look out for are:
Free kick accuracy
Shot power

For the purpose of this guide i have split the pitch up into different zones. The zones are shown to you in the image below.

As you can see we have the RED, GREEN, YELLOW and BLUE zones.

The RED Zone: This the penalty zone. I will make a guide on taking penalty's if you guys want one.

The GREEN Zone: This is good territory. After practice you could be able to score from anywhere in this zone 8/10 times providing you have the right players.

The Yellow Zone: This is the crossing zone. You have two options here; a high cross or a low cross and i will explain these later on.

The Blue Zone: Long range zone. My rule is If there is a wall you have to shoot. Obviously you don't have to follow this rule but that's what i go by! If there is not a wall you should play it short and have a long shot with someone. Or shoot anyway.

When in the GREEN zone you should definitely be shooting. To shoot Free Kicks how i do, aim it so the man on the edge of the walls shoulder is aligned with the edge of the post like shown in the image below.

If the wall is blocking the right side of the goal you should use a left footed free kick taker for example Arango and aim towards the right post and Vise Versa. Once you have aligned the free kick hold up and slightly in the direction of the post you're aiming for on the left on your left analogue stick whilst still keeping the alignment between the man and the post. Then, strike the ball with around 2.5 bars of power. Anything under about 2.1 bars of power will hit the wall so make sure you aim over this.

If done correctly, the ball should dip over the wall and go in just under the cross bar. The results should look like the following .GIF

Go into the arena and practice taking free kicks from this sort of range in the free kick set up mode. This is the best way of learning and practicing how to take them. Another idea is doing the skill games.

Now that you have learnt how to take free kicks from the GREEN zone, you need to learn how to take free kicks from the YELLOW zone.

Ideally you want to cross the ball but i take these free kicks differently to most people.

Firstly you will need a player with the power free kick trait. For example, i use Guarin.
1) Aim your free kicks like the picture below
2) Hold LB and shoot using between 2-3 bars of power (depending on the distance from goal)
3) Power the free kick across the front of the goal so that a player can get on the end of it.
because of the amount of power you put on it, it is very hard to defend against.

You can also take different free kicks such as a player running over the ball, shooting with the second man and having someone lay the ball off for you. I personally do not do this, as fun as it is i believe it just hinders you and makes you less likely to score. I am not going to give a tutorial on this mainly because i don't know how and because i never do this Smile

I hope you have enjoyed this guide and i hope it helps you take free kicks. If enough people want it i will add a section on trick free kicks such as lay offs.

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Re: FIFA 14 - How To Take Free Kicks [ByTwenty]

Post by Neymar on Thu Mar 06 2014, 20:58

Another great guide! I just stick those Yellow zone free kicks into the top corner though. Tongue Out

I've moved this into the Miscellaneous Guides section and added your 25k SF Points.

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Re: FIFA 14 - How To Take Free Kicks [ByTwenty]

Post by UKMattYT on Thu Mar 06 2014, 21:05

can you just explain how you do all this, with videos and that zone section, plus all the titles.

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Re: FIFA 14 - How To Take Free Kicks [ByTwenty]

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