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Post by bubbi_177 on Sun May 25 2014, 09:02

hey i want to give an review on one of the best player in the danish superliga his name is juelsgård

2* skills
2* weakfoot

he is a great lb, good allround defender and he is great to going forward on the pitch and seems all the time to be in correct position and off course the stats lies there with only 40 and thats great for a defender when they are in position.

pace: 78, he feels like he should have 82 and and some times he outpace fast strikers and when using his strength when he is in high speed he just push off strikers. I give him 7/10

shooting: 50, fair given stats he can not score longshots and so on but if he get a chance in the box he can score but not all the time. I give him 5/10

passing: 70, he is so great in passing and feels like it should be better stats there so this is one of the best things about him and he gets the job done and he can make that long passing you sometimes need to be done. I give him 8/10

dribling: 66, not great and i would not recomend doing that with him and he only have 2* skills too, but i feel that defenders dont have to be the best driblers in the world. I give him 5/10

defending: 70, feels much better he defends like a little beast and steals often the ball from the attackers and his heigth helps him alot when he should stop and high ball so yeah he can head too  Smile  nice in this game and his tackles is great not many freekicks he makes. I give him 9/10

heading: 67, feels like 70 and it should be he stops many long balls and when he is heading he 70% of the time hits another team mate. I give him 7/10

all in all a decent defender there gets the job done as a lb and is grat to have in a low rated team.  Smile 


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Re: juelsgård

Post by Neymar on Sun May 25 2014, 20:44

Moved/SF Points added. Smile

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