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Post by loly0s on Tue May 06 2014, 15:15

So i have been using TOTS Silva a a RW in 433(4), after playing the whole gold cup with him, as 6 chem didnt even hit 7 chem cuz he didnt play 10 matches yet, he was extraordinary!

4 Games 8 goals as a RW , tbh i don't think he would work as a LW maybe LM , btu i though RW would fit him the best!

Lets start with the Positives:

1) pace: He lives up to his pace, maybe more outpaced players like clichy for some reason and that is enough for me.

2) Shooting: His left foot is deadly! , also his finesse shots are awesome, and that curve is beautiful! , as for show power sometimes tis really powerful, sometimes its not but most of the time it is Tongue Out

3)Dribbling: And again one of the best dribblers on the game, nothing more to say but his agility balance is awesome

4) Work rates : High/Low perfect for a winger

5)Passing: Obviously has passing is great nothing more to say Laughing

As for negatives :

1) Heading: To short to win headers although he won couple, but lost most.

2)Weak: Not always weak! but sometimes he is

OVERALL: Im giving silva 9.8/10 , been amazing since i tried him, 4 games 8 goals and 5 assists , don't think i want anything more tbh Very Happy ( Don't forget I used him as a RW)

Thanks for reading,Loly0s.

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