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FIFA 14- IF Samaras Review

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FIFA 14- IF Samaras Review

Post by REUS on Thu Mar 06 2014, 22:40


This is my review for the Greek warrior that is IF Georgios Samaras

Club: Celtic
Height: 6 ft 4
Workrates: High/med
Weak foot: 3 stars
Skill moves: 3 stars

Squad i play him in http://www.futhead.com/14/squads/7673257/

Price Paid: 140k
Position played: LF
Statistics: 17 games 16 goals 9 assists

Now we can analyse his card stats and ascertain whether they reflect how good he is in game

86 Pace: he is more than fast enough, in fact since he is so tall and has 84 strength once he gets up to speed he is almost unstoppable and just bulldozes through defences.

77 Dribbling: feels better than this tbh, his dribbling is very usable and he is more than capable of jinking around a couple of defenders to either lay on assist or to smash a shot into the net.

70 shot: dont be misled by this number his shooting is amazing it is just brought down by his very low free kick stats. His finishing is not Higuain like but is very solid for a winger, especially for a silver winger. His longshots despite the 68 longshot accuracy stat are very good and i scored a couple of nice ones with him, this is probably due to his high shot power.

46 defending: not really relevant but since he is so big and strong he is capable of stealing the ball off any player who comes near him.

72 passing: he has solid short passing and decent long passing and his 9 assists show he can set up other players as well as score. Though obviously he is no toty iniesta or SIF Fabregas.

78 heading: didnt really get to use this much as i prefer to cut in with my wingers and dont cross much. Though he was a threat on corners and managed to score from a couple of them.


Finishing inside the box


low positioning (is only a small problem)
weak foot
skill moves (i dont really skill but for skillers id imagine 3 is low)


How good is he out of 10?

for a silver he is 10 out of 10, by far the best i have used, honestly he plays exactly the same as Ibra but without the 5 star skills, though this is negated by the fact he is much faster than Ibra.

I actually have a better goal to game ratio with him as a LF than i did with Ibra as a striker.

he is a unique player, the only player i have used with such a combination of pace and height, at times it feels completely unfair on my opposition, once he gets up to speed they simply cannot stop him and i scored some amazing goals.

he is the best player i have used for cutting in with, i reckon 7 or 8 of the goals i scored were when i was running down the wing used the body feint to cut in (is it just me or is it just as effective as the scoop turn) powered past 3 defenders then smash it into the bottom corner from the edge of the box.

Is he worth it?

Definately, if you have the coins then this guy is possibly the most fun player i have used on the game.

in fact i would happily play 500k for him let alone 140k.

hope you enjoyed the review and i hope you go out and try him.

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Re: FIFA 14- IF Samaras Review

Post by Neymar on Fri Mar 07 2014, 16:45

Good review. Smile I've moved this into the Player Reviews section and added your 25k SF Points.

If you get a chance can you add some full stops in? Very Happy

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Re: FIFA 14- IF Samaras Review

Post by FabrYs on Fri Mar 07 2014, 17:07

Nice review, sadly he won't fit in my scottish team... Sad

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Re: FIFA 14- IF Samaras Review

Post by bubbi_177 on Fri Mar 07 2014, 17:29

nice review maybe i should try him sometimes

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Re: FIFA 14- IF Samaras Review

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