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FIFA 14 - Jozy Altidore Review | Who needs Benteke?

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FIFA 14 - Jozy Altidore Review | Who needs Benteke?

Post by Macker on Wed Feb 26 2014, 22:10

Jozy Altidore

Jozy Altidore costs roughly 350 coins on both the Xbox and Playstation but can easily be picked up for BIN's of 400 coins.
★★★★ Weak Foot
★★★ Skills
Altidore a medium attacking work rate and a medium defensive work rate.

The squad I used this player in: http://www.futhead.com/14/squads/7401967/

Top 5 in-game attributes:
Strength (88)
Shot Power (86)
Jumping (82)
Finishing (79)
Heading Accuracy (77)

Worst 5 in-game attributes:
Marking (25)
Sliding Tackle (26)
Interceptions (31)
Standing Tackle (26)
Crossing (38)


Although Altidore’s card only possesses 73 pace I was surprisingly shocked with the pace that it felt like he had in game, although his acceleration isn’t exactly high (73) he feels fairly fast to both accelerate and once he gets up to top speed.


Altidore’s shooting was another pleasant surprise; in the 20 games that I played with him I scored 22 goals. He’s fairly poor at shooting from range but with a one on one I’m fairly confident that he will score it nine times out of ten.


One place where I feel he could improve, takes him a fair bit of time to control the ball and his distribution isn’t too good, he can do simple passes but anything more that 15 yards is pushing it. The way in which I played him and got success was for him to hold the ball up and bring the midfielders into play, which is one of his strong points.


Really slow to turn with and without the ball, but he gets away with it due to his pure brute strength to push through opponents.


Works fairly hard even with M/M workrates, wins the ball a fair amount of times but also does give a lot of fouls away when trying to push and pull and opponent.


His strong point, having used him, Lukaku and Benteke I firmly believe that Altidore is better in the air than the pair of Belgian strikers. Majority of the goals he has scored for me have been headers.


His strength is incredibly impressive. Never get shrugs off of the ball and uses it to his advantage. Essentially he’s just a big battering ram!


Altidore has been my favorite striker this year. He’s a bit of a hidden gem and a bargain for 350 coins. Worth giving a go for that price especially if your bored of using Lukaku and Benteke.



Thanks to Brochacho for the template!


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