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Career Mode Tips #1: Owning The Transfer Windows

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Career Mode Tips #1: Owning The Transfer Windows

Post by Brochacho on Wed Feb 26 2014, 20:47

This is my first part in my career mode series. As many of you know I am very big on career mode in Fifa and over the last few years I have learned some key things about the mode. This year career mode has really changed. The most important change would have to be the introduction of the Global Transfer Network. This has added a great deal of realism to the game which some have liked and others have hated.

In the first part of this career mode tips series I will give you tips that I use that will help you own the transfer windows!

What Is The Global Transfer Network?
The Global Transfer Network (we'll call it the GTN) is a new addition to this years Fifa. It's fairly complicated to understand in the beginning, but basically you have a scout or scouts. You can give these scouts instructions. For example, if I wanted to find the next Neymar, I would instruct a scout to go to Brazil and find me an attacker that's pacey, a good dribbler, young, and promising. Now that you understand the GTN in it's simplest of terms, we will move on to the real tips because I almost never use the GTN. Later I will explain the one reason I ever use the GTN.

Free Agents
Good free agents are hard to find this year because with the introduction of the GTN we are unable to see players overall. However, there are a lot of hidden gems in the free agents and the best part about it, they will always be there! For the most part, you will not ever sign a free agent over the overall of 74. Generally speaking (not including the first season), all free agents will be below the 74 mark. So how do you find the good free agents? Simply, pull up their stats! The best part about free agents is that all of them have already been "scouted" so you can see all of their stats within a range of what they really are. For example, if their pace was 82 it would say... 74 to 85 meaning their pace could be anywhere between 74 and 85. Now on to how to find these gems...

1. After you select the position you want to search for put your age range from 17 to 22.
2. Now go to every player and press RS/R3 to pull up the stats. If their physical stats are bad, move on. If they're decent you might want to check, and if they're good definitely check the rest of the stats. For whatever reason, the free agents that have a good rating, also have good physical stats.
3. Now for the skill stats. I generally have one or two stats I look at for each position to see if the player is worth it or not. For a striker, I look at Finishing. For Defenders, I look at Sliding Tackle and Standing Tackle. For midfielders, I look at everything.

Just make your best judgment when selecting players. If you sign a bad one, don't make it a big deal. He was basically free anyways!

Another small tip, look at their asking wages. If it's $20k+ a week then you have a keeper!

Don't believe me this tip works? Here's a player I got in the free agents two seasons ago...

He started as a 68 rated player on $9k a week wages. Sold him to Barcelona last season for $20+ million.

Coming Off Long Injuries
This is a more recent tip I have learned about. After selling Mbakogu to P$G for $43.5 million (he was worth $20 million, LOL P$G) I looked into career mode hottie Anthony Martial. He starts at 63 overall and has a potential of 87. In my career mode he was at Southampton. He was only 22 and already 84 rated. He was just coming off a three or four month injury so I decided to go for him. At the time his current worth was $22 million. I offered $20 million. They accepted. Any other time, I would have gotten counter offered to $35 million at least. After just one season he is now 87 rated and looks like this...

Contract Expiry
Another new addition to career mode this year is signing players on their contract expiry. The requirements for this are that the player has to have six months left on his contract (can only be done in January transfer window) and must be at least 23 years old. This is the only time I was the GTN. Using the GTN, you can ask your scouts to find you players that are at least 24 years old and have less than a year remaining of their contract. I usually give these requirements to my scouts...

Position: Any
Age: 23-27
Contract: 0-1

The rest is up to you. To sign a player on their contract expiry, simply go to the player like you are about to offer for them but instead click the one that says "Sign on Contract Expiry". Here you offer them their asking wages, years, and role. If they accept, congrats!

NOTE: You will not get this player until the start of the next season.

This season I got Lucas completely free. This is what he looked like coming to the team...

He's currently 27 years old and has a worth of $55.5 million. I got that for free!

Loan to Buy
Usually better for teams that are in lower divisions and don't have a lot of money. Basically what this is you can get a loaned player for a year. At the end of the year you can offer the player a contract. The current team has to accept it as well. So say you loan to buy a player worth $1 million. You offer the $1 million to the current team and they agree to it. If by the end of the season the player is worth $10 million, you can still get him for the $1 million you offered at the beginning of the season. The best part? You don't have to sign the player full time. If you didn't like him, you can simply let him return to his club with no consequences.

Having Trouble Getting A Player To Accept His Contract?
Have you offered a player their desired wages, years, and squad role but they still refuse the contract? Up their goal bonus/clean sheet bonus to 20%. Basically this says they get a 20% bonus every time they score a goal or keep a clean sheet. For example, if a player is on 10k wages and he scores, he gets 2k. This is suppose to be what happens, but in reality, nothing happens. They can score all they want, but they never get the bonuses. It's an easy way to get a player to sign with no consequences.

Hope you learned something from this and give me ideas for the next set of tips!

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Re: Career Mode Tips #1: Owning The Transfer Windows

Post by DerHerrie on Wed Feb 26 2014, 21:03

Great review! Like i said i knew some of them but not all. Keep the career mode guides comming, i might say goodbye to FUT Tongue Out

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