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How to Submit a Guide/Review

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How to Submit a Guide/Review

Post by Neymar on Tue Feb 25 2014, 21:34

Submitting a Guide to our FIFA 14 Guides section is easy. All you have to do is create a new thread in the "Submit a Guide/Review" section, and if the content and quality of your guide is good enough, a member of staff will accept your guide and it will be moved to the appropriate guide section.

For each guide that is accepted, you will receive 25,000 SF Points. Some of the best guides/reviews may even be featured on the site homepage and on our social media sites.

How do members of staff decide whether or not your guide/reviews are accepted? We'll look for the following things:

-Good content
-Good amount of detail
-Written in decent English (don't worry if English isn't your first language, it won't effect your guide too much, but try and use proper grammar and spelling if possible)
-Video guides/reviews will not be accepted on their own (these can be posted in the FIFA YouTube Videos section), however a video which goes with a full guide/review can be used.

If your review isn't accepted first time around (don't worry, we won't be too harsh) we'll give you some advice on how it can be improved, and then once it is improved it'll be accepted.

We're looking forward to seeing your guides/reviews! If you have any questions, feel free to ask by replying to this thread.

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Re: How to Submit a Guide/Review

Post by tezmac on Thu Feb 27 2014, 21:12

Absolute top idea and something I hope will bring more people to this forum Smile

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